Iceland Summer Adventure

10th August 2015
Aerial / Iceland Adventure

My recent summer exploration in southern Iceland felt more like a return to fall and winter. I felt like I was on a different planet compared to my January visit to the same area. The heavy snows and storms which I encountered in the winter had left their mark and extensive snow fields still remained even at the height of the Icelandic summer. Weather can make or break a photographic trip, and luckily the Norse Gods gave me relatively good weather, though there seemed some rain and storms within eyesight each day. That actually made for some great lighting and much preferred over a blue sky beach day. It was go-go-go most of the time, as there was never true darkness and lots of time to get to locations I wanted to visit. Highlights of the trip included a flight over the Highlands, still thawing out from winter. Seeing the terrain from above was fantastic, and gave me a preview what of I would encounter during my 110 miles of hiking over a 2 week period. The most extensive lupine fields I have ever seen were a welcome surprise on the southern coast. Too many waterfalls to count or photograph, so I concentrated on those when lighting conditions were prime.

More images to come as the editing continues. Enjoy images from southern Iceland in the Iceland Summer Gallery.